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Uniquely, our services are dedicated solely to the world renowned Tripod Beta accident, incident Investigation, and analysis methodology.

These services are provided by a select handful of experts. These experts have been formally accredited by the Stichting Tripod Foundation as having the full knowledge and know-how of Tripod Beta.

This site will be of particular interest to those responsible for risk reduction by the improvement of: methods, systems, processes, and employee competences in areas revealed by incident investigation and analysis.

Also those who wish to find out more about Tripod Beta may find this site useful.

What EPEX Does?
We improve incident investigation and analysis processes by using the powerful and world recognised, Tripod Beta methodology. This identifies hidden underlying root causes responsible for incidents and thereby prevents them from causing future losses
Tripod Beta
Tripod Beta is a rigorous and systematic process for investigating and analysing accidents, incidents, and adverse events that enable investigators to confirm facts and identify hidden root causes. These underlying root causes go far beyond the im
Why Tripod Beta
Using Tripod Beta:
  • Reduces time and effort in investigating and analysing incidents.
  • Aids communication and improves understanding within the investigation team and with the report reader.
  • Produces concise and consis
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